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first game

Post by karra »

Hi everyone
This is my first game in just basic
please have a look at the read me file
thank you Karra.
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Way Kool Game!

Post by Welopez »

You hit the jackpot, Karra :!: This one reminds me of the original Space Invaders arcade game, running at warp speed! ROFL! I'm not much for playing games, but this one was fun and I can see you learned a lot while writing this program. Gazing into my crystal ball, peering around the crack (I bought it from a used crystal ball dealer), I see a bright future in gaming for you! :lol:
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Interesting, i will try it, if i can get a bug out.....

Post by Attempt »

For some reason i get this : MMSYSTEM263 This is not a registered MCI device.
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Post by rebels130 »

nice game i like it very much 8)