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Fast JB Sprite Maker

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Hi All!

I've re-created a GUI version of the Fast Sprite Maker I posted on the old JB forum.

Attached is the fastest JB sprite maker I know how to make. Just unzip into a folder on your hard disk, and it's ready to to run.

Please read the "Help File" if you need to find basic answers to your questions.

Have fun, and stay safe despite this Covid-19 thing. :)


There was a mistake in image type check (used AND instead of OR). Fixed. Replaced old zip with the updated zip.

Also added some quick start up text to remind everyone that this Sprite Maker only works with 24-bit bitmaps.
I add this reminder because one of the most asked questions is; Will it work with -- 1, 4, 16, or 32 bit images? The short answer is no. However, you can convert one of these other bitmap color depth images to a 24-bit image using MS-Paint or something similar for *nix systems. Then it works very well.
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