Freeform-J v260311

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Freeform-J v260311

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An update of original v1.0 of Freeform-J which adds a grid to the editor window and updates the style and position of the inspect control window.

The patch to add the grid should also work with later versions of Freeform that were updated by uncleBen and others. See [dontDrawMenus] branch for this code, which can be pasted into the other versions.

EDIT: To try out this version, place the file in the main JB program folder, in order to access support files and bmps.

EDIT: Please note that this version is based on the original version of Freeform-J. As such, it does not have some of the features found in the updates by uncleBen and others; nor does it have any of the bug fixes. It is presented here mainly to show a method of adding a grid to the edit window.
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