How do I upload files

How to's and rules for uploading, or downloading, files in the Just BASIC Files archives.
Please read before uploading or downloading files.
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How do I upload files

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This is done much the same way as posting messages in other forums.

First step is to click into the forum that most suits your application.
Need a new forum? PM the administrator.
  • Click New Topic and enter the following information.

    A short description, usually the program's name.

    Message body:
    Give a full description of your application here.
    You can also post include any special instructions needed here.

    File Name:
    Taken care of when you press the Browse button.

    File Comment:
    Another short description field.
    You might want to include a version identifier if your app is being released in versions.
Be sure to click the Add Attachment button before you post.
Remember, all files must be zipped and be smaller than 2 Meg (zipped).

Tip: If you spell check your text before posting you will not have to edit it later.