W-DOS v0.1

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W-DOS v0.1

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W-DOS v0.1 is a DOS like shell for Windows. Think of it as dos in windows, without the actuall dos os. W-DOS uses commands based on MS-DOS. Although, very few of the MS-DOS commands would work in W-DOS, it still has two of the easy to use commands, suck as delete (del) or rename (ren). It'll also use date and time. More commands soon to come. Please give me some feed back. Any ideas and suggestions that I could use in the next version would also be helpful.

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Actually, Windows has the driver capability to interface with a 'dos box', so most of this is possible. make 'batch' files for JB to run with commands such as

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open "delete.bat" for output as #1
print #1, "del "; "%1"
close #1
input "Enter filename to delete: "; del$
run "delete.bat "; del$, hide
print "Complete."
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Re: W-DOS v0.1

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When making batch files, remember to have ALL characters uppercase. Reason being, some computers 'misinterpret' batch files written in lowercase.... Just a thought. I found out the hard way.