Applications written for Just BASIC in languages other than Just BASIC
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Community Code Zip is a zipping utility for folks who like to share code.
This is not the typical zipping utility, it filters out unwanted files, such as error.log, Bak files, and Thumbs.db, as well as runtime Dlls and Slls.

This one should be especially useful for creating zips to be uploaded to the archives.

CC Zip is available in two versions, full, 1.26 meg and short, 516 k.
If you opt for the short version. you will need to copy JB's DLLs and SLLs to your CC Zip folder.

This application is written in Liberty BASIC and the source code is included.
CCZip.bas will not compile in Just BASIC but, if you want to play with the code, you can download a free evaluation copy of LB at

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