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Bitmap Font Demo

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Hi All,

Haven't seen bitmap fonts used in LB or JB, so here's a snippet
to get you started.

It was written in JB v1.01, so they should also run in LB v4.03.

Contains "Bitmap Fonts.bas" and 12 bitmap font folders, this will take
up 8.5MB of disk space when decompressed. This is due to all of the
masked sprite BMP's.

This program just displays the 12 different bitmap fonts provided. To see
all 12 fonts you'll have to change the selected font in the code manually
then run the program to see the individual bitmap font.

Why would you want to use bitmap fonts?

Bitmap fonts are useful mostly for games, demos,screensavers, or any
other type of "eye candy". Some nice effects are sine-scrolling messages,
text rotating around a circle, messages exploding off of the screen,
flicker free hi-score displays, and smooth marquee displays.

For many more bitmap fonts, here's a couple of URL's to get you started.

Hundreds of free bitmap fonts can be found at here:

A few more here:

Googling "free bitmap fonts" will get you tons more to look at.

[Edited the first link, it is now correct :D ]
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