Terms of Service

How to's and rules for uploading, or downloading, files in the Just BASIC Files archives.
Please read before uploading or downloading files.
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Terms of Service

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At this time, this site does not require visitors to register.
As long as there are no problems, this will remain the policy.

A member's profile must be in English.
Any profile that is not in English, or for some other reason is not verifiable, will be removed.

Members under the age of 18 are not allowed to refer to their age.
This includes User Name, Profile Signatures and Posts.

Downloading Files

All files on this site are copyrighted.
Do not upload, post, or display these files to another site without the author's permission.

Uploading Files
  • • All submissions must be made by the original author.
    Exceptions will be made for modified Open Source or Public Domain code.

    • All applications uploaded to this site must be written in Just BASIC.

    • All files must be zipped.

    Zips must contain the bas file for all included tkns.
    It is recommended that authors also include their copyright information.

    • No Just BASIC DLLs, SLLs, renamed RUN.EXE's included in attachments.

    • Maximum attachment size is 2MB
    If you need to upload files larger than 2MB contact the administrator.

Non-JB Exe files
It is understood that some applications use support applications.
Including them in uploads is permitted if the original author's licence permits and a copy of the license is included in the zip.

Source code is required if the exe was written by you.
  • Files that do not adhere to the rules may be deleted without notice.
Links to adult orientated sites are not permitted here.
Links to commercial sites are permitted by approval only.
Permission may be requested at johnshomeport@yahoo.com.

  • Legal:
    This archive is owned and operated by John Davidson and not affiliated with Just BASIC, Liberty BASIC, Shoptalk Systems, or Carl Gundel.

    While we make every effort to make sure the files are safe, they are the sole responsibility of the posting authors.

    John Davidson, JBUsers.com, or Just BASIC Files Archive do not warrant the safety or usability of any file stored here.