RANDOM ACCESS FILE, Personal Address Book, Part 2

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RANDOM ACCESS FILE, Personal Address Book, Part 2

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If you worked with the previous version of this program, you've probably noticed there is no routine to DELETE a record from your address book. Well, this certainly insures we don't lose the name and address of the person we knew in third grade, umpteen years ago! We want to build our address book program one step at a time, but now we simply have too many old or inaccurate contacts in our address book; how do we throw out the dish water without throwing out the baby?

In the previous lesson, we learned we could edit/save records in the User Data window, simply by changing the entry in a data field. When we closed the window, the current information would be written to the data file.

This is the identical "myContacts.txt" data file, and the same BAS code, with just a few lines added to allow us to delete records from our random access file.
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