diceROLLER v0.01

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diceROLLER v0.01

Post by rogue »

heres a quickie prog for ya.

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'another quickie by Rogue_magi2000@yahoo.com
'diceRoller alpha

    print "diceRoller Alpha"
    print "by rogue_magi2000@yahoo.com"
        input "Press Enter to continue or 'E' to exit" ; dummy$
            If Upper$(dummy$) = "E" Then [end]

                input "Type in a Number(1-4) to shake your Dice...";shake
                    if shake > 4 then print "thats over the limit...."
                    if shake = 0 then shake = 1
                    if shake <= 4 then [shakeDICE01]

                    input "press enter..."; dummy$
                    goto [shakeDICE]

                 for shakeloop = 1 to shake
                    playerDICE = int(rnd(1)*6) + 1
                next shakeloop
                    for compshake = 1 to 4
                        compDICE = int(rnd(1)*6) + 1
                    next compshake

        print "RESULTS...."
        print "-----------"
        print "Player....";playerDICE
        print "Computer..";compDICE
            if playerDICE > compDICE then print "You Win!!!"
            if compDICE > playerDICE then print "You Lose!!!"
            if playerDICE = compDICE then print "You Tied!!!"
                input "Press enter to try again, or 'E' to exit"; dummy$
                    If Upper$(dummy$) = "E" Then [end]
                goto [start]

Print "Thank you for playing!"