Function JBColorDialog$() v.1.3.0

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Function JBColorDialog$() v.1.3.0

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I have programmed a ColorDialog$() function for JB users.
Features : wrote: ==========
- The JBColorDialog$ function tries to reproduce the ColorDialog function, which not exist in JustBasic.
- It is based on WindowsXP ColorDialog() version.
- No known bug with this version.
- By default, the language is in English, but you can make your own language by modify 'language.txt' file.

3 files are will be automatically created during the 1st execution of JBColorDialog$().
- matrix.bmp : The matrix colors (background)
- matrix-cursor.bmp : The cursor of the matrix (Sprite)
- language.txt : The file containing the language

How use JBColorDialog$() ? :
'Initialization of the variables color$ and chosen$ (=> OPTIONAL)
color$ = "0 0 0" ' or another value rgb that you wish to send to the function.
chosen$ = ""

'… [your program here]…

chosen$ = JBColorDialog$(color$, byref chosen$)

'… [continuation of your program here]…

'… [SUBS and FUNCTIONS of JBColorDialog$() here]…

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