GameGrape Corporation: Desktop Locker v2.0

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GameGrape Corporation: Desktop Locker v2.0

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GameGrape Productions Desktop Locker
hello, and Welcome the Desktop Locker v1.0 by GameGrape Productions (C)'2014
This programs allows you to keep your computer safe without having to power it down or put it into sleep mode. Great for people who use their laptops as harddrives due to broken LCD screens. This program does the following:
-Desktop password locking(keep unwanted people out!)
-Attempt logging(Tell you how many access atempts occured since the last successful entry. Will log the date and time in the future.
-Password changing enter your password followed by "*change*"(you get a RETURN without GOSUB error but it still will change the password)
Enjoy the program! Since it will not be free for long!

-CEO and Founder of GameGrape Productions (C)'2014

and guy please tell me when you download this program. The reason i posted to mediafire was so i could easily post and keep track of my downloads with my busy schedule. I do not think i will post here again due to the wait. We'll see though :) Enjoy the Program! :D

v2,0 released!!! go to our website for download
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