Progress Bar Blues

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Progress Bar Blues

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Hello everybody!

Last year I wrote a program to use at work. It checks a file that contains Lot Numbers / sequences of calling cards and compares it with another file wich is extracted from our database invoices to find out wich records are FU and wich are not FU (Boring stuff, don't ask). The programs works fine, I've done many refinements over the last months, but there's something that doesn't work right: the progress bar. Why? It slows down the program tremendously, and after around an hour it crashes. I'm including a screenshot of the runtime error. I wonder if there is a solution to this. Without the progress bar the program finishes a file of around 1500 records in about 2 minutes. With the progress bar it would take more than one hour (but it crashes before that).
I'm including the code with the part corresponding to the progress bar commented out. To try the progress bar, just 'un-comment' the corresponding lines.

1) Click open
2) Select the included file '225376-DISC.csv'
3) Click run.
If you want to see how the progress bar looks / works, make a much smaller version of '225376.csv' (like 50 records). Otherwise it will take forever and the program will crash.

Thank you!
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