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This is a simple GUI-based application that scans your system C drive for changes and then alerts you if any are found.

This program is still having features added, so I consider it in the Gamma testing phase.
By Gamma testing phase I mean it is ready and can be run as-is, no need to debug any code, but some features that will be in the final official release aren't included. It shouldn't crash your computer (it hasn't done anything to Windows XP Pro SP3) and takes up very little CPU.

Feel free to download the file and tweak it all you want, just leave some mention of me in the final product.

EDIT (1/23/13): It appears that SysLockdown! hasn't been uploaded, so I will try and get it up as soon as possible, but the computer I have it on is on the blink . . . so I will need to get it fixed before I can upload it. I did tell it to upload the .zip file with the code, but I guess it didn't get uploaded. Sorry about the delay

EDIT (2/10/13):The computer that had SysLockdown! is back working again! Yay! Anyways, this post should now have the .zip attached.
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