Phone and Address Book

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Phone and Address Book

Post by uncleBen »

This is a small phone and addressbook for multiple users (it will create separate data files for all users). If you use it for one user only, it is recommended to set your username as the default user, so you won't have to login each time you start the program.

Records for (full) name, 2 phone numbers, e-mail, url, address, city/town, post code. You can use these fields for any kind of data, of course.

As this program was not originally written in English, it does not have a help file. Don't worry, it should be rather foolproof.

The zip file includes the bas-file and a subfolder, containing a bmp image and later on all the data files.

Any suggestions or criticism is welcome.
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Post by jaba »

Just today, I posted my address/contact program to the Archive site. And today I found your very compact address book. I wish I had seen it before completing mine, since my ultimate intention is to make a small address book similar to MS's Cardfile from prior Windows versions. Your interface is very compact, and I like the display of a contact's info with statictext entries on the fly.

Since it is such a small window, it would be difficult to include a couple of things I think would make your program more useable - and I'm sure you have thought of these things: One would be a drop down list of saved contacts so a user didn't have to search each time. Another would be a small form for entering all the contact data in one window, although your use of the default enter key to advance to the next field does work pretty well - but not too intuitive at first.

Really enjoyed running across your program. I always stop when I see something you have offered the forum.

Thanks for the fun.