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Just some fun with turtle graphics and wav files.
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Very patriotic, Brian! :) At least if you're from the USA. ;)
You have 2 bmp's that are 'hard coded.' That means that you have included the path from your computer and expected us all to have that path. Not so.

bmpbutton #main.last, "C:\Program Files\Just BASIC v1.01\Freeform Gui Constructor\bmp\LBTTN.BMP", [last], UL, 30, 75
bmpbutton, "C:\Program Files\Just BASIC v1.01\Freeform Gui Constructor\bmp\RBTTN.BMP", [next], UL, 240, 75

are not valid paths for my computer. I copied and pasted the LBTTN.BMP and RBTTN.BMP files from the \BMP\ folder of Just BASIC and added them to the Patriot folder along side with the midi files. Then I changed the code to

bmpbutton #main.last, "LBTTN.BMP", [last], UL, 30, 75
bmpbutton, "RBTTN.BMP", [next], UL, 240, 75

and that worked just fine.