Database with search function

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Database with search function

Post by specsdude »

This program is for managing profiles of people;

currently you can-

set search criteria to either first name or last name

search for profiles

I'm planning to add sections for-

adding profiles

deleting profiles

modifying profiles

loading different databases

Keep watching this post for updates!

Until then, try out the search function. If you want you can tweak the ListData.txt file to add more profiles. Just add the first name, last name and adjust the number at the top.

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David Seeber
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Data for profiles

Post by specsdude »

I'm planning for the profiles to contain data on :

First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth
Address 1
Address 2
Post code
Website URL
Telephone No
Mobile No
eMail address


Each entry is optional, except for first + last name. I'm also planning on having the option of being able to search by these points, so if you only knew someone's eMail you could search for that instead (assuming of course that you actually have the person's real name).

Any suggestions would be welcomed, feel free to modify the code as long as you mention me in credits/similar!

That's all, good night!
David Seeber