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Text RPG Toolkit

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Well I finally broke down and wrote some SUBs and Functions that new JB users can use to create colorful, graphics based text RPGs.

The list of SUBs and Functions are as follows:
Sub colorBox
Sub roundBox
Sub txtBox
Sub txtBtn
Function at()
Function gInput$()
Sub makeMenu - very handy! It creates the menus, populated with the menu items.

Additionally, you can have SUB makeMenu print a report to the 'MainWin' showing:
1) Menu Title
2) Pixel dimensions of the whole menu
3) Coords, and dimensions of the individual menu items

The report makes trapping mouse clicks on the menu as easy as possible!

http://yfrog.com/c8rpgtoolkitp (screen shot)

Links to free mono-spaced/fixed width fonts:
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