encryption program with key generator

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encryption program with key generator

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This is a relatively simple single-use discarding key symmetrical encryption program.
It uses the most secure type of encryption, that cannot be cracked by any known method, as long as appropriate security measures are taken with the key files.

It is most secure with truly randomly generated keys. If you choose a seed number when generating keys, it will give pseudo-random codes that anyone with this program can duplicate.

To use it, you need to make a .tkn of the keyGen.bas and save it in the default directory (or run keyGen.bas in the editor and make/save some keys) before you run the encryption program. If you don't save a .tkn, it will throw errors when you try to generate files from within the program.

It will handle just about anything you want to type or paste into the textbox, and you can send it over most instant message programs, though you may have to turn off "smilies."

Lots of comments to help explain what everything does.

Uploaded a new version May 1, 2012.
This update reorganizes a couple of things, so hopefully some pieces of code that ran with every use now only run when actually needed.
Added a confirm popup when the encrypted message is longer than the encode key, alerting the user to the security risk.
Added a trap to avoid generating 4GB files when index 0 of a random file is referenced.
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