Micro-tuning pitches for intonation quiz

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Micro-tuning pitches for intonation quiz

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Is there a way to "tune" pitches for use in a pitch discrimination program I'm writing. The only way I can find Just Basic to handle this is to create tuned (or mistuned) wav files using a Wave Editor and use the playwave command.

Is there another way? Some basics have the Sound freq, dur command, but as far as I have found that usually that works only on the console speaker, which won't do. Can I create mistuned Midi pitches?

The IBM PC Jr computer handled it well, but I would like the program to work on any PC with speakers.

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Hello Ed
Welcome to the archives.
This is not much of a discussion board but you can post this question over at the Just BASIC forums, http://justbasic.conforums.com/
There are over 900 members and there is bound to be some folks with experience in this area, Gordon Sweet comes to mind.

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