graphical dungeon demo

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graphical dungeon demo

Post by NJames »

This is a little program that gives you a "dungeon" to explore.

This demo features a field of view algorithm under the GOSUB [see], and uses a function for A* pathfinding.

I have taken some pains to make this run as fast as possible. It's not perfect, but I'm rather pleased with the speed.


Walk around with numpad or these
u - i - o
j - k - l
m - , - .

press "g" to auto move the dwarf to the end of the map
press "s" to generate a new map
bump into closed doors to open them
press "c" to close open doors
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Re: graphical dungeon demo

Post by tsh73 »

Just want to say, I'm deeply, DEEPLY impressed.
Field of view makes game feel really real.
(and whole thing has very nostalgic Spectrum feeling ;) )
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Re: graphical dungeon demo

Post by GarthsEquipmentShop »

This is wicked man! I've always wanted to design my own roguelike game. This would be perfect for that!