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Chemistry Help

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This is a program that I made to help me with my chemistry. If given only a molecular mass, the program helps you 'play' with the molecular formula to find out what it could be. It also calculates the HDI - Index of Hydrogen Defficency. This program has really helped ease a calculation intensive work into a fun exploration of chemical formulas. It is meant only for organic molecules though because they are the type which often need identification from little evidence.

To use - type a molecular mass into the top text feild and click ok. A hydrocarbon will be presented and its Mass, Difference from given mass and its HDI. To add a heteroatom, click Add, select one from the list and then click add again. To remove a heteroatom, click Remove, select on from the list and then click Remove again.

I realize this program isn't much use to any one except chemists, but it is at least a good example of enabling and disableing things, radio buttons, buttons, text boxes, and also displaying text - including subscripts - in a graphicbox.
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