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Bitmap Fonts

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Hi All,

Haven't seen bitmap fonts used in LB or JB, so here's a few snippets
to get you started.

They were written in JB v1.01, so they should also run in LB v4.03.

Contain two listings that take up 23k of disk space.
"Dot Matix.bas" is a little program to create different fonts that
appear as if they were created using a dot matrix printer for a totally
retro look.

You can customize the look of the individual characters by varying
the amount of pixel overlap when drawing the characters. You can also
change the size of the pixels/dots that draw the characters. The output
can look like letters on a 70's style pinball machine, block letters,
and "overstuffed" letters. By using extreme overlap, you can also
rotate the characters by 180 degrees in the clock-wise direction.

Another possibility is to use "color schemes" to change the look of
the characters. The program "as is" allows for 7 different color
schemes. You can change these to suit your own needs, just examine
the way these schemes are implemented in the code. Nearly every line
of the program is commented allowing you to customize the code.

"Make Sprites.bas" is almost the same code as "Dot Matrix.bas" the
only difference is that instead of displaying dot matrix characters
it creates and saves to disk, masked sprites of each character.
This is just an example of how you would go about creating your own
fonts to be saved to disk. Again nearly every line of code is commented
so changes are easy to make.
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