Speeding up For/Next loop.

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Speeding up For/Next loop.

Post by John Davidson » Sat May 31, 2008 6:27 pm

There is a another discussion about looping and it appears that it is faster to use random numbers to find a user input than a for/next loop.
This may be the case when looking for large numbers in large loops but loops can be pared down to smaller, and faster, chuncks.

Sort of like a pre-search to setup the starting and finishing numbers used by a for/next loop. .

For example, if the user has input 5023, it would serve no purpose to search numbers smaller than 5000.
The demo below loops a maximum of 1000 times so it would set the maximum loop to 5999.

Adding an Exit For makes this is so fast that it usually can't be timed.
The demo tries pretty hard to calculate the time it takes to find the number but I suspect it is only a guess when it's greater than zero...

It could be made even faster by cutting the Select Case in half.
This would be done first checking to see if the number input is greater than 4999.
Numbers greater would pre-search only numbers above 4999, smaller numbers would pre-search numbers below 5000.


Code: Select all

    input "Enter 4 digit number ";num$
    v= val(num$)
    if v=0 or v>9999 then
        print "Out of range."
    end if


    select case n$
    case "0"
        fin  =999
    case "1"
        fin  =1999
    case "2"
        fin=  2999
    case "3"
        fin=  3999
    case "4"
        fin=  4999
    case "5"
        fin=  5999
    case "6"
        fin=  6999
    case "7"
        fin=  7999
    case "8"
        fin=  8999
    case "9"
        fin=  9999
    end select

    for x=start to fin
        if x=v then exit for

    print "Checked numbers ";start;" - ";fin
    print "Found ";num$;" in ";t;" ms"
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Post by TheSurvivor903 » Sun Jun 01, 2008 1:21 am

Whoa! That was fast! :shock: I expected it to go slower and give me a number in a few seconds but it actually did it IMMIDEATLY as I pressed enter. (Guess this is the new conforums for now? Not too many people have noticed...)

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Post by Crusader » Sun Jun 01, 2008 1:38 pm

Very cool! I liked how you utilized select case :P